CAD6 Release 2017 Service Pack 1 is available now!

The most important improvements and extensions since CAD6 Release 2016:

New: Folder management for layers and pens - move layers and pens into a folder comfortably, create new folders, rename and remove folders.
New: Improved block dialogs - graphical preview of all current blocks without performance loss, fast searching for (partial) block names, powerful folder management.
New: Block creation scenarios - create template drawings for libraries once and have all blocks re-created automatically after a modification.
New: Anonymous internal blocks - create internal blocks fast and simple without having to name them.
New: Resolve variables and text statements - resolve all variables and text statements in texts and dimensionsings to make them independent from any external influence.
New: Extended page handling - move multiple pages simultaneously (in Classic mode), enter relative values when moving, create a whole grid of multiple pages at once.
New: New type of groups - independent object type that is much easier to create and handle.
New: Edit objects within groups - keep ALT pressed to select and edit individual objects within groups.
New: Move points within groups - directly move points of objects within groups.
New: Move points with reference edge - stretch and shorten objects by choosing the points and giving an edge's desired length.
New: Associative area and perimeter dimensionings - automatically adapt to all type of changes.
New: Link texts to objects - dynamically display properties of the linked objects.
New: Align text to edge - just two clicks to align a text's orientation to a given edge.
New: Improved editing dialogs for pens, layers, etc. - create and use scenarios, determine and display usage counts, initialize and clear comments, and much more.
New: New selection dialogs for pens, layers, etc. - fully scalable list dialogs that allow for fast searching and easy handling, even with a huge number of entries.
New: Display key feedback - display any type of user input (mouse button clicks, key presses) as a small text in a window for training purposes.
New: Better adaptation to high screen resolutions - make full use of high-DPI displays.
New: Updated data exchange - DXF and DWG exchange now supports file versions up to version 2018 and uses all new features.

Important Note:

CAD6 is a 64-bit application that works on 64-bit editions of Windows and Windows Server. That way, you’ll profit from an up to 20% better working speed and access to more than 4 GB of RAM. Alternatively, a 32-bit application is available. CAD6 requires at least Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 as operating system (either 32-bit or 64-bit).

For a detailed list, please refer to the version history that you can download as PDF file:

Version History [PDF, 100+ pages, 1 MiB]
  List of all changes and error corrections between different versions of Malz++Kassner CAD6.

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